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Fulda Variotonn off-road wide tyres 1/8

Fulda Variotonn off-road wide tyre, scale 1/8, hollow chamber tyre, suitable for rims art. no. 210004, 210005 and 220884, Ø140mm, width 49mm, inner Ø 80mm, tread depth 3mm, weight approx. 420g, content: 1 tyre Item code: 218082 Attention! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Fulda Crossforce off-road tire 1/8

Fulda Crossforce off-road tire, scale 1/8, hollow-chamber tires, suitable for the rims item code 218189 and 220205, Ø 141mm, width 35mm, inside Ø 80mm, profile depth 3.5mm, weight 300g., Contents: 1 tire item code: 218080 Attention! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Trailer wheel hub for double tires

Trailer wheel hub for double tires, suitable for scale 1/8, made of aluminuim, plastic cap, 2 ball bearing seats 6x13x5, bore wheel bolts 3,2 Ø, content: 1 wheel hub, 1 cover item code : 220940

Wear ring for nuts 1/8

Wear ring for nuts 1/8, from aluminum Item code: 220248

Hub of the wheel, trailer

Hub of the wheel, trailer, from aluminum, cap from plastic to clip it, Item code: 220930

Trailer tyre Michelin XHA

Trailer tyre Michelin XHA , from solid rubber: diameter outsider 135mm Item code: 220881

Tyre for town Dunlop

Tyre for town, hollow   Item code 220330

Trailer rim for Michelin tyre

Trailer rim for Michelin tyre, from aluminium turned Item code: 220880

Trailer rim

Trailer rim, turned from aluminium Item code: 220884

Screw – set Euro M3x25

Screw - set Euro M3x25, from brass, wrench size 4mm Item code: 220256

Screw – set Euro M3x15

Screw - set Euro M3x15, from brass, wrench size 4mm Item code: 220264

Cap bolts – set M3x25

Cap bolts - set M3x25, from brass nickle-plated, wrench size 4mm Item code: 216674