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Rear axle with self-locking differential (robbe)

Rear axle with self-locking differential (robbe), very true to detail, for truck models in the scale 1:16. The axle is equipped with a self-locking differential and can be built with, as well as without through drive, both shafts and axle covers are included. The drive axle is permanently locked and opens when cornering. A major advantage of this drive axle is that NO shift servos, Bowden cables and linkages are required for the differential locks. This is also the clarity and the space in the chassis to good. The axle components are housed in a heavy-duty reinforced plastic axle housing. • Reproduction of the rear axle • high ground clearance thanks to a "slim" differential housing (height 35 mm) • 11 ball bearings • self-locking differential (switching servo, linkages and Bowden cables are not required) • Hardened steel bevel gears • Axial ratio 1: 3, the direction of rotation can be adjusted by fitting the differential to your model. • 4 mm transmission / input shaft • Axle shaft 5mm (robbe dimension), suitable for the most common 1/16 scale rims • simple conversion to axle with and without through drive (both shafts and axle covers are included in the kit) • Dimensions rear axle LxWxH: 46 x 137 x 35 mm • Weight approx. 130 g • Supplied as a kit with pre-assembled differential • suitable for the most common axle suspensions, including attachment point for pendulum suspension systems
item code: 251220 Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Holding fixture for flat springs

Holding fixture for flat springs, plastic, holding fixture for 5mm shaft Item code 220968

Set of flat springs

Set of flat springs, from spring steel ( stainless ), composed of 4 springs, bushings and fixing bolts, lenght ca. 87mm, width 6mm, set for one axle item code 2124

Set of flat springs short

Set of flat springs short, from spring steel ( stainless ), composed of 4 springs, bushings and fixing bolts, lenght ca. 70mm, width 6mm, set for one axle ( suitable at best for flat bed axle ) Item code 220969

Leaf springs connector

Leaf springs connector, set with 2 compensators (aluminum) and fixing stock Item code 207009

Platform gates set

Platform gates set, plastic Item code 222517


Drawbar, plastic Item code 2308

Euro rim white

Euro rim white,white, plastic, diameter 42mm, width 20mm item code 220372

Air horn 36mm

Air horn 36mm, scale 1:14, turned from brass turned and chrome, suitable for all Tamiya trucks, with fixing srews, included 1 piece Item code 207045

Fanfare 42mm

Fanfare 42mm, Maßstab 1/14, aus Messing gedreht und verchromt, passend für alle Tamiya Trucks, Inhalt: 1 Fanfare, Befestigungsschrauben Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet. Art.Nr. 207044

Gas-oxygen bottle

Gas-oxygen bottle, aluminum Item code 218340

Steering wheel, 35mm

Steering wheel, 35mm, plastic Item code 216162