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Windshield wiper – set

Windshield wiper - set, scale 1/14, suitable for construction machines, buses, snowcats and so on, from plastic, included: a big doublearm-wiper and a small wiper, measure: small wiper: total length 42mm, wiper plade 31mm, arbor hole 2mm, big wiper: length from the wiper plade 60mm, from the arm 53mm, arbor hole 2mm, the set included 5 pices item code: 207046 Caution! Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Air horn 36mm

Air horn 36mm, scale 1:14, turned from brass turned and chrome, suitable for all Tamiya trucks, with fixing srews, included 1 piece Item code 207045

Fanfare 42mm

Fanfare 42mm, Maßstab 1/14, aus Messing gedreht und verchromt, passend für alle Tamiya Trucks, Inhalt: 1 Fanfare, Befestigungsschrauben Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet. Art.Nr. 207044

Number plate holder and buffer

Number plate holder and buffer, scale 1/16-1/14,5, 2 buffer from rubber, measure: length 20mm, width 8mm, height 9mm, number plate holder (can be lighted), measure length 48mm, width 10mm, height 6mm, fixing crew´s, (bulb´s are not included), Quantity: 1 pieces Item code : 207001

Barrel for gas

Barrel for gas, aluminum Item code 218359

Wiper and gear selector

Wiper and gear selector, plastic Item code 216160

Trailer door hinge

Trailer door hinge, scale 1/16-1/14,5, plastic, hinged using a 1mm steel bolt. Open to an angle of 270°, with fixing screw´s, measure: length 22mm, width 7mm, height 4mm, 2 piece at this set Item code : 207004

Assembly bracket

Assembly bracket, from plastic Item code: 225525

Control wheel set

Control wheel set, plastic Item code 216159

Platform gates set

Platform gates set, plastic Item code 222517


Drawbar, plastic Item code 2308

Trailer coupling

Trailer coupling, plastic, with pin, measure: length 20mm, width 25mm, height 10mm, with M4 fixing screws Item code 2309