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7,4V/1300mAh 20C LiPO battery

7,4V/1300mAh 20C LiPO battery, T-Plug connector, suitable for the Büssing S8000 S13 ( item code: 251000 ) in connection with the lighting - set ( item code: 251002 ) or loader caterpillar LR 634 ( item code: 907111 ), content: 1 LIPO battery item code: 608107 Attention. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Lighting set for 2-axle trailer

Lighting set, suitable for 2-axle trailer item code: 251003, to transfer the lighting functions from the tractor to the trailer. Set consists of: 1x spiral cable with plug 2x lighting boards for the rear lights (red shining) 1x socket with cable ( for the connection of a second trailer ) 2x heat shrink tubing Building instruction item code: 251004 Attention. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Lighting set for the Büssing 8000 S13

Lighting set for the Büssing 8000 S13 consisting of: 1x electronic unit with the following features: Toggle switch for switching the power supply on and off battery connection cable with T-plug terminal strips for the connection of the different lighting boards Servo cable for the connection to the receiver (switching functions) Plug connection for connecting the socket at the rear (trailer) Switching functions: parking light, low beam, high beam, fog light, rear lights Brake light function via the output from the speed controller (S10 from Servonaut) Transmission of the rear and brake light function to the trailer (socket) 2x lighting boards for the main headlight with reflector (warm glowing) 2x lighting boards for the fog lights (yellow shining) 2x lighting boards for the rear lights (red shining) 1x cable set with plug connection for the transmission of the light functions to the trailer (socket with holder) item code: 251002 Attention. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Servo CS-6

Servo CS-6, power 6kg, low design, splash-proof, metal gear, JR - servo plug, cable approx. 250mm length, suitable for the Büssing 8000 S13 ( item code: 251000 ), content: 1 servo, 1 servo horn set item Code: 502047 Attention. Not suitable for children under 14 years.   Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

Electronic unit LR 634

Electronic unit LR 634, included: 5 controller, the left and the right track forward and back, lift arm up and down, tilting forward and back, rear ripper up and down, infinitely variable, for operation the tilting and lifting with limit switch,signal for drive back, light effect, voltage control: 1 electronic unit, 1 limit switch lift arm, 1 limit stop tilting, cabling for the lighting, connecting cable, instruction Item code: 907103

XBSefect RC flash electronic

XBSefect RC flash electronic, pre-built, 4 outputs, each with max. 100mA, 15 different effects to choose from (Xenon light effect, flashing light, strobe light, permanent light and running light), BEC with 4.8 volts or external power supply of 6-14 volts, functions via the remote control can be selected (3-way toggle switch or 3- way switch with neutral position centrally 1-0-1), size (lxWxH): about 35 x 22 x 15mm, weighing about 10 grams, content: 1 electronic module, 1 power cable, 1 jumper, 1 power cable, 1 manual item code : 191598

All-round light electronics with BEC

All-round light electronics with BEC, the module is connected directly to a free switching channel on the receiver, there are 6 different programs to choose from (left or right-hand rotation, 3 speeds), of which any two programs can be permanently stored and activated via the remote control, max. 2 flashing lights can be connected, operating voltage 4.8-6Volt (BEC), the device has a terminal block with four outputs, suitable for incandescent lamps with max. 100mA per output, dim .: 35x23x13mm. Contents: 1x module built and tested, 1x Servo cable Graupner J / R, connection diagram item code: 191521 Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.