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Bucket – attachment grille LR

68,49  61,64 
Bucket - attachment grille LR, scale 1/14, suitable for the loader crawler from Carson, milled from aluminum, 3 mounting screws, content : 1 grille, 3 screws, mounting instructions. Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years. item code: 907380

Spindle drive rear ripper

99,00  89,10 
Spindle drive rear ripper, fixture-set for lift and drop, board with end position-switch and cable to connect it at the electronic, included: 1 spidle, 1 bracket, 1 board, fixing parts, instruction for fitting Item code: 907101

Electronic unit LR 634

490,00  441,00 
Electronic unit LR 634, included: 5 controller, the left and the right track forward and back, lift arm up and down, tilting forward and back, rear ripper up and down, infinitely variable, for operation the tilting and lifting with limit switch,signal for drive back, light effect, voltage control: 1 electronic unit, 1 limit switch lift arm, 1 limit stop tilting, cabling for the lighting, connecting cable, instruction Item code: 907103

LED-lighting-set LR 634

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LED-lighting-set LR 634, 7,2 Volt, cable-set with 6 boards 4x front + 2x back, suitable for Carson crawler LR 634, included: 2 cable-sets front with 2 boards and a plug, 1 cable-set back with 2 boards an a plug Item code: 191595

Gear actuation set LR 634

210,00  189,00 
Gear actuation set LR 634 Included in the gear actuation set for the LR 634, are all the piece`s required for the actuation of the track loader. Sprocket`s are made from hardened steel, with ball bearing, motor-holder from aluminum, fixing parts and fixing instruction, we have a proper gear motor with item code: 907106 ( you need 2 of them ), includet:: 1 motor holder for right and 1 motor holder for left, a pair of bevel pinion`s pre-installed, drive shaft with cogging, screws and instruction Item code: 907105

Drive – gear motor LR 634

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Drive - gear motor LR 634, you need 2 pice of them, rated voltage 6 Volt, idle-running speed 114 U/min, transmission 125:1, continuous current 1,8 A, continuous torque 300mNm, suitable for the actuation set with item code: 907105 Item code: 907106

Bucket teeth

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Bucket teeth (spare part track loader), scale 1:14, from fiber plastic, total length ca. 40mm, width ca. 10mm, height ca. 10mm, height from the trench 2mm, two fixing holes, included: 2 bucket teeth, 4 srews M2x8 und 4 srew nuts M2 Item code : 907145

Gear motor

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Gear motor, line voltage 6 Volt, idle-speed 300 U/min Item code 907066