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Bucket – attachment grille LR

Bucket - attachment grille LR, scale 1/14, suitable for the loader crawler from Carson, milled from aluminum, 3 mounting screws, content : 1 grille, 3 screws, mounting instructions. Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years. item code: 907380

Gear actuation set LR 634

Gear actuation set LR 634 Included in the gear actuation set for the LR 634, are all the piece`s required for the actuation of the track loader. Sprocket`s are made from hardened steel, with ball bearing, motor-holder from aluminum, fixing parts and fixing instruction, we have a proper gear motor with item code: 907106 ( you need 2 of them ), includet:: 1 motor holder for right and 1 motor holder for left, a pair of bevel pinion`s pre-installed, drive shaft with cogging, screws and instruction Item code: 907105

Bucket teeth

Bucket teeth (spare part track loader), scale 1:14, from fiber plastic, total length ca. 40mm, width ca. 10mm, height ca. 10mm, height from the trench 2mm, two fixing holes, included: 2 bucket teeth, 4 srews M2x8 und 4 srew nuts M2 Item code : 907145

Drive – gear motor LR 634

Drive - gear motor LR 634, you need 2 pice of them, rated voltage 6 Volt, idle-running speed 114 U/min, transmission 125:1, continuous current 1,8 A, continuous torque 300mNm, suitable for the actuation set with item code: 907105 Item code: 907106

Gear motor

Gear motor, line voltage 6 Volt, idle-speed 300 U/min Item code 907066

LED-lighting-set LR 634

LED-lighting-set LR 634, 7,2 Volt, cable-set with 6 boards 4x front + 2x back, suitable for Carson crawler LR 634, included: 2 cable-sets front with 2 boards and a plug, 1 cable-set back with 2 boards an a plug Item code: 191595