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Return roller shaft 1:10

Return roller shaft 1:10, suitable for the return roller with item code: 216631 Item code: 216658

Return roller 1:10

Return roller 1:10, from plastic, drill hole 4mm, 2-parts, suitable for the holder with item code: 216658 Item code: 216631

Tensioner for the chain 1:10

Tensioner for the chain 1:10, included: 1 arm from aluminum with 6mm steel axles Item code: 803012

Torsion bar with counter bearing

Torsion bar with counter bearing 1:10, torsion bar f from spring steell square Item code: 803018

Swing arm 1:10

Swing arm 1:10, from aluminum, axle shaft 6mm from steel Item code: 803021

Drive shaft short 1:10

Drive shaft short 1:10, suitable for the chain wheel with item code: 216615 Item code: 216666

Track roller shaft 1:10

Track roller shaft 1:10, for fixing the track roller with item code: 216623 Item code: 216640

Track roller 1:10

Track roller 1:10, from plastic and rubber, 2-parts roller with set from screws, suitable for the holder with item code: 216640 and for the swing arm with item code: 803021, measure: diameter 60mm, width 36mm, drill hole 6mm, included: 1 pice for in- and 1 pice for outside and 2 rubber binding`s, set with screws Item code: 216623

Chain wheel 1:10

Chain wheel 1:10, from robust plastic with fibre glass, 12 teeth Item code: 216615

Tank track

Tank track, from robust plastic reinforced with fibre glass, dowel`s from steel Item code: 216607