Here You can get the right track drive System for your tank, snowmobil, caterpillar or else. Your can decide between 4 different chain tracks with suitable accessories. With our powerful steering gears you get through every terrain. All parts are made for extreme stress.

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2 bar crawler track black

2-bar-crawler-track black, scale 1/14, from robust plastic reinforced with fibre glass, dowel`s and roll from steel, black oxidised, pitch 15mm,  total length 154 mm, width 42 mm, weight ca.38 g, included: 10links, 10dowel`s with snap ring`s and 10 roll`s Item code : 907146

Drive shaft 1-bar 1:8

Drive shaft 1-bar 1:8, with bearing flange, pinion 25 tooth modul 1 Item code: 295221

Drive shaft short 1:10

Drive shaft short 1:10, suitable for the chain wheel with item code: 216615 Item code: 216666

Torsion bar with counter bearing

Torsion bar with counter bearing 1:10, torsion bar f from spring steell square Item code: 803018

Chain links (slim)

Chain links (slim), from robust plastic reinforced with fibre glass, dowel`s from steel, 10 links have a length from ca. 160 mm, width 32 mm Item code: 215040

Chain wheel

Chain wheel, from plastic, diameter outside 66 mm, drill hole 8 mm Item code: 215023

Chain wheel 1:10

Chain wheel 1:10, from robust plastic with fibre glass, 12 teeth Item code: 216615

Sprocket 19 teeth

Sprocket 19 teeth, scale 1/14, aluminum, diameter 47.5mm6mm bore, width teeth 5.5mm, total width 11,5mmwith cross hole M3 to fix, Contents: 1 chain, 1 set screw M3x5 item code : 215068

Chain wheel, scale 1/14

Chain wheel, scale 1/14, from aluminum, 25 teeth, wide tooth system, diameter outside ca. 60 mm, total width ca. 12mm, drill hole 8 mm with transverse hole M4 for fixing, Quantity: 1 piece Item code : 907149

Chain wheel 40mm

Chain wheel 40mm, from aluminum, 7 teeth, diameter outside ca. 40 mm Item code: 215045

Chain wheel 55mm

Chain wheel 55mm, from aluminum, 10 teeth, diameter outside ca. 55 mm Item code: 215041

Tensioner for the chain 1:10

Tensioner for the chain 1:10, included: 1 arm from aluminum with 6mm steel axles Item code: 803012